Obtaining permits with the most stringent of regulations is a crucial first step. Specific legislative bodies were created state by state to manage laws within the medical cannabis industry. Our comprehensive approach provides the expertise and attention to afford a positive outcome.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining / ensuring a knowledge base of applicable state laws requires including ongoing compliance and operational review assuring adherence. We keep your company current on the regulatory changes and we help you meet the changes needed to your ongoing business.


Our Grow Room 3.0 Method ™ designs the layout, implements systems management, trains your team and provides support. Our facility designs optimize space using process flow management, employing the best technologies while maximizing your yield. Building successful, safe and compliant facilities is a passion of ours.


Reviewing size, layout and location lead to proper production design and work flow management. Engaging our on-demand resources includes, project managers, architects and engineers ensuring delivery as promised, on time and in budget. Reviews of applicable hardware include HVAC, LED lighting, generators, pump skids all the way to racks and planters. Custom platform designs for containers, residential, business park, warehouses or other conceivable facilities are deliverables which may be requested.


Attention to detail in each step planned beginning with timelines and nutrient schedules which provide for the consistent production of high quality, pest and pathogen free strains with the highest yields. Our business planning services deliver financial models your business can build its foundation upon.


Delivering medicine to your patients when they need it is of paramount importance. Our consulting expertise makes sure the patient gets their prescription when they expect it and also maintains the chain of custody required within many states and potentially by all states in the future.

Our delivery services methodology and platform gets the patient the prescription when needed.
• Entry order system
• Bar code tracking
• Real-time online delivery confirmation
• Location information and delivery status
• GPS and routing
• Electronic signature
• Delivery notification
• Along with additional factors needed for HIPPA compliance and state law


Our accelerated knowledge system provides the advantage companies depend on for controlled fast starts. No steep learning curves. You get our highest recommendations for equipment, nutrients and supplies needed to operate like seasoned professionals from day one. Our inside knowledge delivers rapid results.

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